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Hatha Jewels are inspired by the world of Hatha Yoga, spirituality and oriental culture.
In the “Asana” collection, each piece of jewelry is full of meaning, outlining a yoga posture that carries with it ancient traditions, multiple benefits and teachings. All of this materializes in a range of jewels with essential and unique shapes.


“In the fast-paced digital world we live in, sometimes a tactile or visual reminder is what it takes to pause, reflect and find ourselves, here and now. We are convinced that when you wear your intention, you are closer to manifesting the life you want to live. Our jewelry is a kind reminder to accompany you through the good, the bad and all the related nuances. We believe life must be embraced at every stage of the journey, whether you are going through a difficult time or rejoicing in a triumph, our jewels will accompany you reminding you of the direction."

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The journey
of our jewels

The creation of each jewel starts from inspiration, observing geometry in yoga and in nature. We also deeply investigate the meanings we want to convey with each single item. This phase is crucial since we want our jewels to perfectly express an intention in its purest shape. Once satisfied we step further with the development of a concept, sketching a design and choosing the right materials. Our jewel then is ready to come to life with accurate craftsmanship. We aim at excellence and we want all our items to have a timeless design, which is why our jewels are made with passion by expert goldsmith artisans, free from trends and commercial dynamics. Concept, development and production are entirely carried out locally, in Italy, the country where we live😊, allowing us to have constant control of each processing step, paying attention to details. All our jewels are handcrafted and cast in silver sterling and 18k gold.

“Hatha, is a word that comes from Sanskrit and hides many definitions and interpretations. “Ha” means sun while “tha” stands for moon, and it represents the union of opposites to achieve balance. In fact, Hatha Yoga has the purpose of bringing opposites together, because if the heart and reason work together, we live better, in harmony with ourselves and with the world."

Some sketches of the concept creation of the Adho Mukha jewels before the design and craftsmanship phases.
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